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Testimonial by Aaron - Pine Bush NY - Nu Jointô
Yes, I'd be happy to offer a testimonial. Please feel free to use it on your site.
I have twisted, sprained, and strained my right knee several times throughout my life. There were times where something as simple as taking a bad step would put me onto the ground in pain, limping for a week. The worst incident was about 12 years ago when I was roller blading. A car came out of a parking lot and would have hit me but I was able to grab onto a street sign and spin myself out of the way. In the process my right foot (on wheels) rotated about 200 degrees backwards and totally tweaked my right knee. It was tremendously painful. I spent the next 11 years always feeling some slight pain, it was definitely permanently injured, but it was not bad enough to have a major impact on my lifestyle. However, about a year ago it started to hurt more and more each day. There was no new injury, but time, age, weight, etc were starting to take their toll and I went several months in constant pain. My knee would click with every step I took. The pain was inside my knee, towards the middle, left of my kneecap. It hurt all the time, day and night, regardless of my activity level, sitting, standing, everything. Every day hurt more than the day before, and it became extremely painful, hurting everyday almost as badly as it did the day that I had originally injured it.

I had heard of your Nu-Joint product, and after doing some comparative research and reading your product info I decided to give it a try. If it did not work I am sure that I would have needed surgery of some sort; the pain was too much and too constant to just ignore any longer. I took a one month supply following the recommended dosage on the bottle. I noticed a lessening of pain within a few days, maybe one week tops. I would say that by week 3, I was almost completely pain free. The clicking had stopped, the pain was gone, and I had to make a major effort just to remember to take the last few days worth of pills because I no longer had my painful reminder.

It has been several months and I am still entirely pain free! The damage seems to have been healed, the cartilage regrown. I still feel some minor aches on rainy days, but it is mild and not causing me any great discomfort. I am so thankful for your product! I can honestly and whole-heartedly say that your product has changed my life. I would recommend anyone who is having joint and/or cartilage related pain to give it a try right away.

Thank you for your recommendation of the Nu-Bones product for my current tendon issues. I will give it a try and will hopefully be sending you a new testimonial soon!

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George Muizelaar - Hampton Ontario - Nu Joint

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